Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at the Horizon Golf NZPGA Championship 2018.

The success of the tournament relies on an army of volunteers all working to make the Horizon Golf NZPGA Championship a success! Your energy and enthusiasm for the event and the time you are prepared to put in is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to volunteer for the Horizon Golf NZPGA Championship please see the roles below and complete the form to register your interest in volunteering.

Volunteer Roles Available:

Gardening - In advance of the tournament join the gardening team to ensure the gardens are perfect.

Scoring and Leaderboard - Largest volunteer group is responsible for areas directly related to the operation of the competition.

Walking Leaderboard - Allocated to the last five groups on Sunday, walker scorers keep the score of the players in their group.

Welcoming and Carparking - Provide guidance for people and vehicles attending the NZPGA.

Practice Facilities - Ensure safety at all times in distribution and collection of range balls.

Signage & Pre Tournament Setup - Assist the PGA and Course staff with the erection, maintenance and removal of tournament infrastructure.


Please complete the following form, we will then make contact with you to confirm:

Name *
Availbility *
Please tick the days you are available to volunteer
If you are not a current member of a golf club please write "Non-Golfer"

For further information please contact Christine on