Entering Club Competitions and Tournaments
All members are encouraged to enter club competitions and tournaments run by the club. Players need to enter their names on the lists for the respective competitions in the card room or website by the due dates shown. Qualifying rounds are played on a designated day or days. Competition draws are displayed in the card room.

Entering Pro’s Competitions
Members are encouraged to enter the Pro’s competitions which are run on most club days. Entries are made in the Pro Shop.

Arranging Matches
It is the responsibility of all players to arrange the playing and completion of matches on or before the date set down by the Match Committee. Please arrange and play your matches early.

Should players or teams be unable to arrange with their opponents a mutually suitable time for playing a match they may, 10 days before the due completion date for the round, apply to the Club Captain to have the Match Committee determine a time and date for play.

When a match has not been completed by the date specified the Match Committee will default both sides. If any member is aware in advance that they will be unable to play any round of a competition by the dates set down in the programme book they should NOT enter the competition.

All matches shall be played on the Manawatu Golf Club Course, except when the course is closed whereby members have the option of playing a match on another course if both parties agree.

All matches in club competitions shall be played over 18 holes except the finals for Senior, Intermediate and Junior Championships which shall be played over 36 holes on the day specified in the programme book.

Time extensions
No time extensions of matches will be granted. Matches not completed by the last date will be disqualified.

Recording competition results
The winner is to record and enter the match result. Failure to do so will attract the same penalty as for an un-played match.

Results showing on the results sheets on the date of match completion shall stand. No later alteration is permitted.

Matches all square after completion of the stipulated round shall continue from No 1 tee irrespective of where the match was started, until one hole is won (strokes to be taken as applicable). Where players’ scores are equal and where a playoff is not practical, in accordance with NZ Golf Association the winner will be decided by lot.

When it is intended to lodge a protest, the player shall, as well as complying with the rules of golf, notify a Member of the Match Committee or General Manager that he or she intends to protest. Unless this is done immediately after the completion of the game the protest will not be considered. In the absence of a Member of the Match Committee the card should be marked “Protest”.

Concurrent Stroke and Match competitions
When stroke and match play competitions are played concurrently players must not vary or waive any conditions of the match play event to facilitate the play of the stroke event. Penalties (as provided for stroke events) incurred through the match play event must be counted in the stroke event.

In all Par and Stableford competitions, and in match play, the full difference in handicaps is used.

Foursomes Rules
Mixed: Men hit off No. 1 tee and all odd numbered tees, ladies off even tees. 50% combined handicap.
Canadian: Both players hit off tee, and the best drive is selected and played as in ordinary foursomes. 50% combined handicap.

Men's Competitions and Cup Dates

Club Draws

Members are advised that club draws are run at least once per month, usually on the first Saturday each month, coinciding with the Craigs Investment Partners sponsored Tankard competition. Members are required to register for the club draw and you will be mixed up with other members. Members can only request to play with another member when they have a Cup match being played.

B & A and Watson Cups

First 32 qualifiers contest B & A Cup. Second 32 contest Watson Cup. Single handicap event – rules of matchplay apply. Qualifying round on date shown in programme as follows:

Qualifying Round: Saturday 9 February

Matches to be played by:
Round 1 by Sunday 10 March
Round 2 by Sunday 7 April
Round 3 by Sunday 28 April
Semi Final by Sunday 12 May
Final by Sunday 1 June

MacLennan’s Cup

Fourball Matchplay. Own partners arranged and entered by closing date. Please ensure you can make the time playing requirements as set in the programme before entering this competition. Players that are defeated in their first match are automatically drawn for the MacLennan Consolation.

Closing date for entries: Saturday 16 March

Matches to be played by:
Bye Round by Sunday 14 April
Round 1 by Sunday 12 May
Round 2 by Saturday 8 June
Round 1 of Consolation by Sunday 16 June
Round 3 by Sunday 30 June
Round 2 of Consolation by Sunday 7 July
Round 4 by Sunday 28 July
Round 3 of Consolation by Sunday 4 August
Semi Final by Sunday 11 August
Round 4 of Consolation by Sunday 25 August
Final by Saturday 24 August
Semi Final of Consolation by Sunday 8 September
Final of Consolation by Saturday 21 September

Club Championships

Black Tees
Seniors: up to 8.5 (course handicap 9) handicap index

Blue Tees
Intermediate: 8.6 (course handicap 9) to 14.2 (course handicap 15) handicap index
Juniors: 14.4 (course handicap 16) to 18.8 (course handicap 20) handicap index
C Grade: 18.9 (Course handicap 21) to 37.2 (course handicap 40) handicap index

Please note: Course handicaps are as at the time of printing, Divisions are decided off handicap index.

Best one of two qualifying rounds on dates shown. Second 16 play off for Handicap cups, on handicap. 

All matches to be played on or before the dates set in the programme :

Qualifying rounds: Saturday 10 & 17 August

Matches to be played by:
Round 1 by Sunday 15 September
Round 2 and Round 1 Flights by Saturday 12 October
Semi Final and Semi Final Flight by Saturday 26 October
All finals to be played on Sunday 3 November at the times provided by the Match Committee.

Captain vs President

Played on Saturday 11 May. The format is TBC.


Competitions as shown in the programme (subject to change). Points will be awarded across the whole field based on ‘fedex cup’ points.

McHardy Cup: Division 1 Stroke

Plunket Cup: Division 1 Par

Druce Cup: Division 2 Stroke

Cooper Rapley Cup: Division 2 Par

Wiggins Cup: Division 1 Stableford

Maunder Cup: Division 2 Stableford

Hay & Watson Cup: The winner of this cup amasses the greatest aggregate of points during the season.

Moodie Cup: Best Net Score in Club Competition

Kenneth Neal Cup: Top Qualifier B&A/Watson Cups. Played in February.

Lionel Abraham Cup: 18 hole Medal Competition. Played in June.

Devil’s Own Cup: 18 hole Stableford Competition. Played in September.

Nolan Rosebowl: Summer Singles Competition played during December, January and February. Dates to be advised.

Isaac’s Cup: Summer Fourball Competition played during December, January and February. Dates to be advised.

Mina Siefert Course Record Cup: Lowest Gross card returned during the season in club competition.

Memorial Foursomes Cup: Lowest total net score 18 holes of Men’s Canadian Foursome strokeplay. Own partners arrange but no McLennan partners allowed. 50% combined handicap.

Wade Cup Stableford: Every Wednesday afternoon during March to October. Winner to be the player obtaining the best total stablefords from 5 out of 8 months (best round each month to count).

Eric White Trophy: This trophy is played by Men and Women over the age of 55 on one specified Monday each month (See programme book). A points system is given to the place getters from each round with a winner found at the end of the year. Play starts at 11.00am with a draw done on arrival. The bar is open afterwards.

Mixed Event Cup Competitions

Imlay Saunders Plate: Mixed Matchplay on Combined Nett hole by hole. Players that are defeated in their first match will be drawn for the Imlay Saunders consolation.

Format - Each side adds their handicap together. The difference is found and the side with the lower handicap gives the appropriate number of shots to the other side and these shots are taken on the shot holes of the men’s card.

e.g. Bob is on 15 and Barb on 10. Their combined handicap is 25. They are playing Craig on 6 and Caroline on 30 giving a combined handicap of 36. 36 minus 25 is 11. Bob and Barb give Craig and Caroline 11 shots taken on shot holes 1-11 on the men’s card.
On hole one, Bob has 5 and Barb 5 giving them a total of 10. Craig has a 4 and Caroline a 6 giving them 10 but a net 9 as they receive one shot because hole one is the number 4 shot hole on the men’s card. Craig and Caroline win the first hole.

Entries Close: Sunday 31 March

To be played by:
Bye Round by Sunday 19 May
Round 1 by Sunday 16 June
Round 2 by Sunday 14 July
Semi Final by Sunday 11 August
Final by Sunday 1 September

Queenan Memorial Trophy: (Opening Day) Mixed Canadian Foursomes

Galloway Memorial Cups: (Closing Day) Mixed Foursomes Par.

Monro Rosebowl: Event TBC.

Twilight: During summer the Club runs a Twilight 9-hole competition on Friday evenings, tee-off between 3.00 & 5.30pm. Entry fee for members and non-members. Competition is Stableford with unique handicap calculated during competition.

Women’s Cup Competitions


Club Championships – Saturday and Midweek 18 Holers & 9 Holers

Qualifying Rounds (Only 1 Round is required to qualify. Only the top sixteen qualify)
1st Round – Tuesday 25 May & Saturday 28 May
2nd Round: Tuesday 22 June & Saturday 25 June
3rd Round: Tuesday 20 July & Saturday 23 July

Matchplay by the Following Dates:
1st Round: Sunday 1 September
2nd Round: Sunday 6 October
Semi-final: Friday 28 October
Finals Day: Sunday 3 November

Matches must be played on or before the above dates.

Finals must be played on the Finals Day unless dispensation is given by the Women’s Match Committee.

Any Dispensation must be requested in writing.

N.B the Silver Champion, Bronze Champion and Runner Up and the Bronze 2 Champion all play in the Champion of Champions and Gross Stableford Rosebowl date on Sunday 12 November

ALL MEMBERS (dates TBC throughout the year)

Silver Division (up to 18.4 handicap index)

Bronze I Division (18.5 to 24.8 handicap index)

Bronze II Division (24.9 to 40.4 handicap index)

LGU Silver Medal (Lowest aggregate four differential)

LGU Bronze I Medal (Lowest aggregate four differential)

LGU Bronze II Medal (Lowest aggregate four differential)

Aileen Nash Record Salver (Course Record)

Aileen Nash Record Cup (Best Gross Score for the year)

Margaret Guy Cup (Bronze I - greatest handicap reduction)

Adam Cup for Grandmothers (Low aggregate 6 medal rnds)

Mellsop Memento Cup (1st place getters Medal rounds throughout season play off after last monthly medal round)

Doris Dixon Memorial Teams

Australian LGU Silver Coaster (Best 6 LGU medal rounds)

Jean Whitehead Salver (Lowest gross aggregate for 4 LGU medal rounds played on club days from opening to 31st Oct)

Catherine Queenan Memorial Salver (Top Qual Club Champs)

Squibb Salver (Best Net on Club Day)

Summer Stableford (Best 5 Stablefords)

Lillian Cope Rosebowl (Veteran Ladies)

Colleen Buick Cup (Mid-week vs Saturday Competition)

Fiona Rae Cup (Junior Girls)

Alison Watson Cup (Best Net Silver Division)

Field Summer Cup (Best Summer Nett, not on Tuesdays)

Irene Dick Putting Trophy

Downtown Cinema Par Cup

Manawatu Golf Shop Cup (Stablefords – Best 2 of 4)

Clarice Greenbank Trophy (members for 20 years or more, best 3 stableford cards for the season)

MIDWEEK WOMEN (dates TBC throughout the year)

Marj Crystall Opening Day Cup

Gun Club Cup (Silver Division)

McMillan Cup (Bronze I Division)

Allen Cup (Bronze II Division)

Collinson Cup (Silver Division)

M.K Wills Cup (Bronze I Division)

Bennett Cup (Bronze II Division)

Edith Cooper Fourball Handicap Cup

McHardy Points Cup(LGU Medal, Par & Stableford points)

Cunninghame Vase (0-46 Par Points)

LGU Nett Points (Silver, Bronze I & Bronze II)

Par Points (Silver, Bronze I & Bronze II)

Stableford Points (Silver, Bronze I & Bronze II)

Evon de Roo Trophy (Best LGU Nett & stableford points – Senior 9 holes)

Peg Church Plate (Best Par Points – Senior 9 Holes)

SATURDAY WOMEN (dates TBC throughout the year)

Clarke Cup (Silver Division Championship off the stick)

Werner Cup (Bronze Championship off the stick)

Watson Bros Cup (0-40 handicaps – M’Play on handicap)

Dawn Matthews Memorial (Fourball on handicap)

Cunninghame Plate (LGU Nett, Par & Stableford Points)

LGU Medal Points (Silver, Bronze I & Bronze II Points)

Par Points (Silver, Bronze I & Bronze II Points)

Stableford Points (Silver, Bronze I & Bronze II Points)

Elizabeth Bell Trophy 9 Hole (Best LGU Par and Stableford Points)

9 hole Club Competitions


Lavender Cup* – Matchplay

Points Cup

Robyn Mudgway Cup – Par


Gillespie Cup* – Matchplay

Points Competition Salver

Barbara Smith Par Points


Most improved 9 hole player

*Gillespie Cup/Lavender Cup – Match play

Entries close Wednesday 1 May
1st round to be completed by Wednesday 29 May
2nd round to be completed by Wednesday 26 June
Semi Final to be completed by Wednesday 17 July
Final to be played by Wednesday 14 August